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Project | 01
01.04 - 01.08.2020 | EDUCATION HUB

Kyiv Educational Hub project is implemented by the Department of Education and Science of the Kiev City State Administration in conjunction with the Association of Innovative and Digital Education. The project aim is to create an opportunity for Ukrainians to realize themselves in their country, stopping the massive outflow of Ukrainian citizens abroad in search of a better life.

Project | 02
20-24.01.2020 | Ukraine House Davos

A multi-format hub, Ukraine House Davos showcases Ukraine and its fast-growing economy to global business leaders. It displays a dynamic, innovative society powered by creative talent with a passion for freedom and openness, in Europe’s largest country.

Project | 03
13.12.2019 | Saint Lucia celebration

Lucia Day is one of the most dear to the Swedish heart holidays. A holiday of light and hope in the midst of a cold and long winter. 2019 was the second year of successful cooperation for making beautiful Lucia celebration for Swedish Embassy in Kyiv. 

Project | 04
29.10.2019 | RE:THINK Invest in Ukraine
  • 6 key panel discussions and more than 10 special events and occasions

  • IT-startups demo zone and exhibition of the investment projects

  • 50+ representatives of international and Ukrainian investment funds, companies, donor organizations and international finance corporations

  • 650+ guests, including state and local authorities, investors, representatives of diplomatic sector, business, young leaders and media

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